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One of the major problems we have here at the FMHA office is the inability to complete a Registration or Transfer of Ownership due to the lack of photographs or those submitted are of such poor quality they cannot be used for identification purposes. In these cases, we must place the application in the pending file and write for photographs. PLEASE USE THE FOLLOWING GUIDELINGES WHEN PROVIDING PHOTOGRAPHS:

  1. All applications for Registration or Transfer of Ownership MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AT LEAST TWO (2) CURRENT COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS SHOWING ALL HEAD, LEG AND BODY MARKINGS. The two photographs must be one from the LEFT side and one from the RIGHT side. In BOTH photographs the horse's head must be turned toward the camera with the forelock pulled completely aside so the entire flat of the face is clearly visible. Please DO NOT stand your horse in tall grass as it is imperative to see the legs of the horses.


  2. It is extremely important that we have the two photographs when a transfer of ownership is submitted. This is for the protection of the buyers as well as the sellers . There are far to many times, when the registration certificate does not match the horse that was purchased. The only way to protect the integrity of the paperwork is to compare a photo of the horse that was bought with the photo of the horse that was originally registered. Have your customers compare very carefully the horse with the picture of the horse on file when they or you purchase a Falabella.


  3. The photos should be no smaller than 3X3 with the horse's image being at least 80% of the picture. The Horse is more important than the person holding the horse.


  4. We are all aware that Falabellas can change color drastically from birth to maturity. However, we do need a good clear photo of the horse's color at the different stages. If the photo is too dark or too light, it is impossible to determine the true color.


  5. PLEASE DO NOT TRIM the photographs. We get some very strange shaped photographs that just are not suitable for placement in the registry.


If all records are correct and if all photographs are good it generally takes 2 weeks to register or transfer a horse. If the pedigree is incomplete or if there are any questions as to horse's background then it can take substantially longer. Please see Registering or Transferring a Horse if you have any questions.