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The Falabella Breed has it's own FMHA Registration Association to certify their pure Falabella ancestry. They have been kept pure by the Falabella Farms in Argentina and by small groups of dedicated Breeders all over the World who want to preserve their precious heritage.

The Falabella is extremely rare. Only small herds are known to exist in most countries and their number is estimated to be only a few thousand in the entire World. Over the past 10 years, they have been gaining popularity among breeders because of their rarity. This is creating a strong demand and limited supply due to the small number in existence. Most Falabella's reside at the Falabella Farms in Argentina and in scattered smaller groups throughout the USA, Canada, the UK and other Countries in the World. . They are highly prized and valued by those who own them.

Pure Falabella's make up a tiny part of the ever growing number of AMHA and AMHR registered American Miniatures. They are sometimes hard to aquire due to their limited numbers and strong appeal. They are favorites among Falabella Fanciers who want just a few "special" Mini's and Falabella Breeders who are always looking to aquire Herdsire prospects and brood stock.

An FMHA Registration Certificate authenticates the pure Falabella ancestry and makes them a very prestigious Miniature Breed. There is much "recorded history" of the famous Falabella in many Miniature Horse books, and they are well known by all professional Breeders as one of the original true Miniatures.

Falabella's are creating strong appeal to breeders who want something special and "different." A growing number of Miniature Breeders are becoming Falabella Breeders or adding Falabella's to their own breeding program. If you want a Miniature Horse, you can find them in any State, but If you want a FALABELLA Miniature, you can ONLY get them from a FALABELLA BREEDER. FOR THIS REASON, The FALABELLA is a good investment with a long term outlook to HOLD VALUE due to the current small number of available breeding stock. The supply of Falabella Miniatures is very limited, so demand and marketability will remain very good for many years into the future.

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The FMHA is an International Registry for PURE FALABELLA Miniatures all over the World and is one of the very FIRST Miniature Horse Breed Registries. The FMHA was incorporated in 1973 when Stuart Ericson and Anthony Garrullo purchased a group of Falabella Miniature Horses directly from Julio Falabella of the Falabella farm in Argentina. They were imported from Argentina to the United States in 1971. Ancestry pedigrees from the Imported Falabella's were maintained and the Falabella's were officially registered in 1973, giving FMHA the proud title of one of the very first MINIATURE HORSE Registry Associations in the USA and the World.

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By Laurie Stevens

FALABELLA BLEND - STANDARD OF PERFECTION The FIRST and most important Breed standard for any Falabella Blend Miniature Horse is to have their heritage authenticated with a registration certificate from the FALABELLA BLEND REGISTRY. (FBR)

We believe that a Miniature Horse who pocesses Falabella Ancestory deserves to be honored as a FALABELLA BLEND. In turn, this horse will be considered more valuable because this horse carries the very prestigious Falabella Blend Certificate

ANY Miniature Horse that is out of an FMHA Sire or Dam may be registered in the FALABELLA BLEND REGISTRY: (FBR} Falabella Blend Miniatures may be recorded in FBR and receive the FALABELLA BLEND REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE.We require a copy of the Falabella Pedigree or proof of the FMHA #. If the ancestory is from the Falabella Farms in Årgentina, that is acceptable as well. In order for your horse to qualify as a Falabella Blend, there must be Pure Falabella somewhere in the lines of the sire or dam. When registering your Falabella Blend, Please include as much information as possible on the background of your horse. This includes colors, heights, ages, ect. This will insure an impressive certificate! The more information we have to work with, the better your certificate will look! If you believe you may own a horse with Falabella ancestory, Please contact FBR

An increasing number of Miniature Horse Farms in the U.S.A. and all over the World, are creating some lovely show type FALABELLA BLENDS within the breed, and finding it much to their liking. Foals with Falabella ancestry have the prestige Heritage of carrying the Royal Falabella blood, and all such foals are eligible for registration in the FALABELLA BLEND REGISTRY. The impressive Falabella Blend registration Certificate shows the prestigious FALABELLA Ancestry which is recorded in the FMHA stud book. The Falabella name is well known all over the World, and it gives added appeal to the foals to have a Registration Certificate to show their special Heritage.

Please feel free to E-mail with any questions, Thank you

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The FALABELLA can resemble any breed type, such as Arabian, Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred; giving breeders a choice of aquiring what they like best. The MOST important factor will always be to breed for good quality and comformation with a pleasing look. Over the past 10 years, emphasis has gradually been put on breeding for more refinement in all breed types. This trend is gaining popularity World-wide among breeders and in the Shows. Most breeders like a variety of types and colors, while others may choose to specialize in specific types and colors. The Falabella Miniature offers the best of every thing..

The Falabella is versatile in many ways. They can do ALL that any Miniature can do.... In addition to being registered in FMHA, Falabella's can also be registered and shown in the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry or any other Miniature Horse registries in the World; however, the truest value of the Falabella is the fact that they ARE a Falabella, which gives them even more versatility and value.

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Because the Falabella heritage has always been the most valued reason to aquire them and they are naturally small, it has never been deemed important to include size on their Pedigree Certificate. HOWEVER, times have changed from earlier years, and the FMHA now includes the sizes and colors on all Falabella Registration Certificates. Although Falabella Miniatures come in a variety of sizes with no height restriction, they are specifically bred toward the Class A sizes of under 28" to 34" which are the most desirable sizes among Breeders.


Since the Falabella can be registered and shown in ALL Miniature Horse Registries, they can also be bred to AMERICAN or other Miniatures to produce foals that are FALABELLA BLENDS. They can also compete for regional and National wins like other Miniatures registered in any other Miniature Association, Registry or Society.

Show wins can add Champion and National Titles but for those who can't get to the shows, FALABELLA'S don't have to be shown to maintain their high value and good marketability. The Falabella's true value is in WHAT THEY ARE. They ARE a RARE FALABELLA MINIATURE HORSE and ONLY THE registered FALABELLA has the inherited right to claim the FALABELLA name.

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